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Constructed in 1975 by Charles and Pamela Mucklow who were retirees from Kingston, hence the name Charela.
 In 1980 the Grizzle family Sylvie Aicha Grizzle, nee Maucorps and Daniel Grizzle acquired the small charming 10 room Charela Inn, Attracted to the property because of its shape and location, in the center of the breach with 250ft of beachfront. We then decided to maintain the Spanish hacienda themed style of the original building
First we built a restaurant and 5 family units in 1983 In 1985 we built 12 Sea view rooms and a conference room with residential accommodation for the owners above the conference room


In 1989 we constructed 12 garden view rooms to complete the hacienda style inner courtyard of the property and built a round swimming pool in the center of the courtyard. We also converted 2 of the original garden view rooms into a manager’s offices and accounts office, also one of the rooms into a pastry room with air-conditioning.
In 1990 the conference room was converted into 3 garden view rooms In 1997 4 Sea view deluxe rooms above the restaurant were added and 5 garden view rooms above the original 10 room building also expanded the kitchen and added a Sea view deluxe room above the kitchen.
In 2008 the 4 original rooms above the bar were transformed into 2 junior Sea view suites. In 2013 6 Sea view deluxe rooms going to three floors for the first time were added Lastly in 2018 6 spacious and beautiful Sea View Junior Suites topped off with an unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea were added also going to three floors. We also have a 12 room resort on the West End Cliffs of Negril called Mirage Resort Charela Inn boasts the most attractive beach, covered in coconuts trees for natural shade, all our buildings are set back to the mandatory 150ft from the high water mark giving us a square feet of beach per room much higher than anyone else, our beach is never overcrowded.

Our Restaurant “Le Vendome”

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