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Le Vendome Restaurant

Le Vendome Restaurant is the essence of fresh, homemade cuisine. Our own farm produces vegetables, fruits, and dairy products, all used in our epicurean delights. We also make our own breads, croissants, desserts, salad dressings, and ice cream. Our meals are a fusion of Jamaican and French cuisine representing the nationalities of the owners. Alongside our diverse “a la carte menu”, we prepare a daily house special “five course gourmet menu” in which we truly experiment, using only the freshest and finest Jamaican products prepared with a French flair and a dash of Jamaican spice using no additives or artificial colouring as we are concerned about our guests’ good health as our own. The Owners also eat all their meals in the restaurant.
The simple décor at Le Vendome is the epitome of Caribbean beauty, facing the ocean and the white sandy beach which is decorated with beautiful palm trees. At night the restaurant comes alive with teardrop lights and the ambiance is one that seduces the mind and relaxes the soul. Beautifully set tables lend to the overall decor of the restaurant and the outside patio allows for a romantic dining room setting under the stars.
Our restaurant has received great recognition from both local and internationally discerning diners. Again our staff is constantly praised for their caring and attentive services and engaging smiles, garnering a reputation for quality in both cuisine and service.
We cater for special events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements and anniversaries.

Samples of daily house special “five course gourmet menu"


Our local farm was the foundation of the business, paving the way and providing the capital for our two establishments; Mirage Resort and Charela Inn. The farm, spanning 174 acres of hillside and flat terrain, supplies a great deal of the produce used in our restaurant at Charela Inn. Its proximity paired with the knowledge and care of our farm manager are two key ingredients to the quality of the food we serve. Populated by sheep, cattle, goats and chickens, the livestock keep us with a fresh supply of meat and eggs. The success and quality of our meals can be attributed to this as well.
Many crop call Cocoa Farms home, including calaloo, cabbage, lettuce, okra, string beans, ackee, as well as a variety of fruit including delicious mangoes when in season.
Hidden in the hills of Cocoa Farm, a beautiful freshwater spring emerges from the rock to supply our plants and animals with that precious liquid gold, void of chemicals or other water system impurities. Beautiful landscapes, caressed by the gentle winds of Hanover, provide not only fertile soil for growth, but peace and serenity nestled on the West Coast of Jamaica.