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Wedding Story: ‘Such’ a Love Connection at Charela Inn

Wedding Story: ‘Such’ a Love Connection at Charela Inn

Love for The Suchs

Paula and Grzegorz Such met through their friends mutual groups. Their friends played matchmaker and invited Paula and Grzegorz to a meetup. The fated duo connected at first sight and they talked for hours, absorbed in each other’s company.

Paula wasn’t looking for love at the time. She was enjoying life and working in the tech industry in Seattle. Grzegorz, meanwhile, had re-entered university and was focused on pivoting his career from construction to software engineering. They each had their own personal goals but life…and love…had a different plan. 

Courting and Confessions

The attraction was so swift Paula admitted she had never felt so connected to another person before. She was enchanted by Grzegorz’s charms, his intelligence and cultural awareness, his kindness, drive, and of course his good looks. What drew Grzegorz to Paula was that she “wasn’t a princess”. He loved that she was kind, gregarious, down-to-earth, smart, and driven. Paula’s energy could put anyone at ease, and he loved being in her presence.

With a smile, Paula confessed that they moved in together after six months of dating. “Greg was the first person I ever wanted to live with.” She knew then that he could be the one for her. 

Beautiful picnics, delicious home-cooked meals, long walks and travel adventures are some of the cherished moments for the Suches. Date nights were non-traditional and memorable. When it came to popping the question, Paula and Grzegors felt so connected and sure of each other that their engagement was more of a shared agreement to walk the journey of love and life together.


Wedding at Charela Inn

The couple both dreamed of an international wedding. Paula fell in love with Jamaica and Charela Inn as quickly as she loved Grzegors. "We knew we wanted a venue that was eco-conscious, gave back to the local community and prioritized excellent food and customer service." 

She found that and more at Charela Inn. Paula hired a wedding planner who already had a working relationship with Charela Inn. This made things like logistics, deciding a wedding menu, and decorating the venue much easier. Because Charela Inn provided wedding packages that included set gourmet menus, booking options for guests, a music band, and staff to support the wedding planner, the couple felt reassured leading up to their big day. 


The Grizzles, the owners of Charela Inn, were exemplary hosts and displayed sincere appreciation for the Suches. Paula shared a touching anecdote of how Mr Grizzle saved their wedding. The couple initially wanted to have their wedding on new years eve. Upon hearing this date, Mr Grizzle stepped in, gently declined their idea, and expressed concerns that other events would detract from the main highlight of the day - their wedding. Mr Grizzle then suggested new and better dates. Paula expressed eternal gratitude for this act of kindness that protected their wedding memories.

Minimalist Tropical Bliss

The wedding itself was a minimalist tropical love affair. The large palm trees, immaculate beach, plants and spacious grounds of the hotel were the perfect backdrop. Coral and White was the theme, and Paula's bouquet was hand-picked flowers and palms from the Charela garden. DMP-156-3674

The different room options at Charela Inn meant that the couple could book for their diverse family. They loved the fact that there were even rooms that were adapted for the disabled, elderly, or mobility-impaired guests. 

Still, entertainment and food were the icing on the cake for Paula and Grzegors. The Charela band serenaded guests with romantic jazzy tunes, while the kitchen staff outdid any meal Paula had eaten up to that time. 

11 years after their unforgettable wedding, the warm welcome they received from the staff has etched a loving place in their hearts. Paula and Grzegors Such now plan yearly visits to Charela Inn. The Grizzles and the staff have become like extended family. 

It wasn't just love at first sight between Paula and Grzegors. 

“My wedding at Charela Inn became Such a love connection too" - Paula Such.

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